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Recipe: Appetizing Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc

Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc.

Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc You can cook Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc using 15 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc

  1. You need 1 pound of ground turkey.
  2. Prepare 2 teaspoons of chili powder.
  3. It’s 2 teaspoons of smoked paprika.
  4. It’s 1 teaspoon of salt.
  5. It’s 2 teaspoon of garlic powder.
  6. You need 1 teaspoon of oregano.
  7. It’s 1 teaspoon of cumin.
  8. It’s 2 teaspoons of chopped garlic.
  9. You need 1 teaspoons of crushed red peppers.
  10. You need 1/2 of onion chopped.
  11. It’s 1 can (15 oz) of cubed tomatoes (or 30 oz for a bit more tomatoey soup.
  12. You need 4 cups (1 container) of beef broth.
  13. You need 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.
  14. You need 2 lbs of cauliflower.
  15. Prepare 1 lb of zucchini/mushrooms/squash/etc.

Turkey Chorizo, Cauliflower Rice, and Etc step by step

  1. In a pot, brown the turkey.
  2. Toss in the rest of the ingredients, other then cauliflower and zucchini. Bring to boil.
  3. If frozen cauliflower, microwave for 5 minutes so it's soft enough to chop in a food processor. Hit the button about five times, get it chopped to large rice looking pieces. You will probably have to do two batches..
  4. Toss in boiling soup. Turn heat to low..
  5. After about 5 minutes, toss in zucchini or mushrooms, chopped to roughly folk sized morsels. Cook for 5 minutes more..
  6. Turn to simmer, you can keep it on a while or eat it. Longer it sits simmering the thicker it will get. It's just over 1200 calories or so for the whole pot (less then meal at your favorite fast food restaurant)..

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