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Recipe: Delicious Homemade Vegan chocolate cake

Homemade Vegan chocolate cake.

Homemade Vegan chocolate cake You can cook Homemade Vegan chocolate cake using 8 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Homemade Vegan chocolate cake

  1. It’s 550 grams of flour.
  2. You need 600 grams of sugar.
  3. You need 75 grams of coco powder.
  4. You need 250 ml of vegetable oil.
  5. Prepare 700 ml of water.
  6. You need 3 tsp of bicarbonate soda.
  7. You need 1/2 tsp of salt.
  8. You need 3 tbsp of vanilla extract.

Homemade Vegan chocolate cake instructions

  1. Mix.
  2. Add.
  3. Bake in oven I used 180 but then turned it down after 10 mins to 150. Cook for approx 30-40 mins. Peirce cake in centre to check if it's cooked. I split mine into 3 cake tins don't forget if you want to keep this vegan you cannot grease your tin with butter..

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