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Recipe: Delicious Oreo cake with ice cream

Oreo cake with ice cream. Find Out How To Make Ice Cream Cake. After trying the Oreo ice cream cake, my whole family fell in love. I also added a layer of of penut butter topping to two the them!.

Oreo cake with ice cream Spread the Cool Whip over the fudge. Then cover with the rest of the oreos. Put it in the freezer for probably at least two hours or until it gets firm. You can have Oreo cake with ice cream using 3 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Oreo cake with ice cream

  1. It’s 1 packet of Oreo.
  2. You need 5-6 tablespoon of Milk.
  3. You need Scoop of ice cream.

This Oreo Ice Cream Cake is made with an Oreo crust, chocolate Oreo ice cream layer, chocolate fudge, and an Oreo ice cream layer — for Oreo lovers only! We're so excited that summer is just around the corner. So much in fact, we've already been trying to entice the season with a perfect frozen dessert that will go perfect after a hot summer day. We buy ice cream cakes from time to time, yet like my Blueberry No-Churn Ice cream recipe, I'm here to prove that it's simple to make these types of recipes from.

Oreo cake with ice cream instructions

  1. Add milk into Oreos into a mug and microwave for 1 minute.
  2. Take it out on a plate with some ice cream.

This Oreo ice cream cake is absolutely delicious and so easy to make! The layers of hot fudge, cool whip and crushed Oreo's make the perfect combination of chocolaty goodness. This recipe is one of my favorite no-bake desserts to make during the summer. It's easy, delicious and such a refreshing treat when the weather is warm. This cake is the perfect sweet treat to serve for hot summer days!

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